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Individual Returns
Form 1040

At Evolve CPA Services I’ll help make the preparation of your personal income tax return (1040) as painless as possible. We can meet in person or exchange documents through Evolve’s secure client portal. I have access to IRS e-services, so I may be able to retrieve missing tax documents for you. What makes Evolve different from larger companies is that I will personally prepare your income tax return and you’ll always be able to reach me – not just during tax season – if you have questions.

Sole Proprietor

Are you the sole-proprietor of a business? Keeping accounting records is sometimes at the bottom of the list for entrepreneurs because they’re so busy with the day-to-day issues of running their business. As the sole owner of Evolve CPA Services, I understand the challenges faced by business owners. I’ll help you streamline your bookkeeping. I can review your expenses to help make sure that you’re not missing any potential tax deductions.

Form 709 – Gift Taxes

If you gave a gift of more than $14,000 to an individual during 2016 or 2017, I can prepare your gift tax return (709). Remember a gift to an individual does not result in taxable income to the recipient.

Late Tax Returns

Past due taxes? Don’t lie awake at night worrying about a possible tax debt. Let’s meet and figure out how to get you back on track with the IRS. I’m always willing to contact the IRS and ask for a penalty abatement on your behalf.

Corporate Returns

If your business is a regular, “C” corporation, I’ll prepare your federal income tax return (1120) as well as your state income tax return (F1120 in Florida). Depending on the tax strategy for your business, we’ll make the decisions about depreciation that will best meet your company’s goals. Is it time to establish a retirement plan for the employees of your business? I can explain the pros and cons of the different retirement plans and remind you of the deadlines for making contributions.

“Pass-through” Returns

Because “S” corporations and partnerships are “pass-through” entities, decisions about these businesses directly affect their owners. I’ll explain how your S corporation return (1120S) or your partnership return (1065) ties in with your personal income tax return. I can help you make business decisions about depreciation methods, retirement plans, and health care (to name a few) that most closely align with your goals as the business owner. Is it time to hire employees for your company? I can estimate the impact on your company’s bottom line and explain the complications of adding payroll.

Nonprofit Returns

Income tax returns (990 or 990-EZ) for tax-exempt entities are primarily reporting forms. These returns are public documents and are available online so that donors, potential donors, employees, and others can see the annual results of the nonprofit. Perhaps just as important, its nonprofit tax return provides clues as to how well managed an organization is. At Evolve CPA Services, the philosophy is that these tax returns should be prepared as if they were marketing documents. In other words, I help nonprofit organizations improve their operations and highlight their achievements so that their returns communicate to donors that their contributions were worthwhile and convince potential donors to give their support. As an added benefit, my fees are very reasonable because I understand that nonprofits are on tight budgets as they seek to maximize the services they provide.

Estate and Trust Returns

Estate and trust returns (1041) are also “pass-through” type returns because they may impact the individual income tax returns of the beneficiaries. I can prepare these returns and help you navigate the complexities of all the paperwork involved.

Evolve CPA Services – Small Business Services:

Consulting – choice of entity and accounting software; interplay between the business tax return and the owner’s personal tax return; tax savings strategies

Accounting and financial statement preparation

ProAdvisor assistance with QuickBooks. Contact me for great savings on QuickBooks products!

Preparation of business tax returns – payroll, sales tax, forms 1099, and tangible personal property tax